Sunday, January 15, 2006

Living Our Life

Busy day yesterday. The busiest that I've had since being back. After spending the last week or so lounging around the apartment we got out there and got some stuff done.

We woke up relatively early (after all it is the weekend, one does have to lie-in a bit) to finally "undo" the Christmas Tree and pack away the decorations. A really freeing experience because it was taking up way too much space in our tiny living room. I feel like the apartment has doubled in size (a feeling that will only last about a week I'm sure). Because of our late start (ahem) we decided to have lunch instead of heading to Ikea to return the tree.

The night before we'd found lobster for 12 euros a kilo (dead cheap!) and decided to treat ourselves. Lucas went to town and prepared Lobster Flambe (with whiskey - alcohol isn't allowed in this stage of the SBD but it gets all burnt off, right? right?) which we had with a light salad of mache.

After lunch we made a brief stop to collect our holiday photos from the developers (stay tuned for those at some point) and get me an electric blanket (at last! at last!) and headed north of Lyon to visit friends in Villefranche. They have a 14 month old daughter whom we haven't seen since just after she was born. What a wonderful afternoon! Zoe is delightful, though shy. Typically she didn't warm up to us until we were about to leave, so we stayed a bit longer than planned. She had a great time showing Lucas all, and I mean all, of her stuffed toys.

I love Ikea. Have I mentioned this before? Armed with our 17 euro coupon from returning the christmas tree to be made into compost, we invested in storage jars for all the spices we brought back and decided to get some martini glasses (after all we will be drinking alcohol again in a week's time and I just must have me a chocolate martini. Plus we brought back lots of rum remember? We need cocktail glasses).

I used some of my Christmas money from my in-laws to get a couple organisational items for my scrap space (which I think I'll be calling my studio from now on, or maybe atelier?) . Along with a couple more wooden magazine holders, I got this nifty desk organiser to hold all my packaged embellishments. Doesn't this look just dishy? It makes me feel like I have a scrap store on my desk. I think a spot like this deserves to be called an atelier, don't you?

I have to say I love days like these when Lucas and I are out there living our life. It's just the mundane everyday things, but it's ours, and it's so much better than lying around the apartment all weekend watching mindless tv programs. We topped the day off with a delicious dinner of mussels (have I mentioned that I love my husband?) and cuddling on the couch (while watching mindless tv programs. oh well).

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nadine said...

im pretty sure i could spend my whole life savings at ikea!