Friday, December 02, 2005

Much better afternoon

We got our tree!!! This was the exciting news I had planned for my post today. lol Here's Lucas with it just before we left Ikea. I am so excited, I love Christmas and I love Christmas trees. When I was growing up we always had an artificial tree, but then when the "live" trees became more common in the Caribbean (and also cheaper) we started getting those and I fell in love with the pine scent. This wasn't until I was in my late teens. Ever since then I have just had to have a real tree.
We won't decorate it until tomorrow, or most likely Sunday. I want to make some homemade ornaments and of course I'm not together enough to have had them done before we got the actual tree. lol

We discovered last year that Ikea has this program where you can take the tree back to them after Christmas and they make compost out of it. They also donate 1 euro to the forestry department, and give you a 17 euro gift certificate to use in the store. So you basically get a tree for 1 euro, help the environment and get to buy Ikea goodies in Jaunary! What could be better than that? Here's the sign they had up outside the store. I figure this photo would also prove that I really do live in France. :) Based on my blog so far I could live just about anywhere.
Mozaique also got an early Christmas gift today. We got her one of those cat condo things. At first she was scared of it (her face is in the dictionary next to scaredy-cat lol), but I eventually got her to sit on it, and play with the mouse on the string. When she gets more comfortable with it I just might be able to get some photos of her in her new spot.
Ok, a funny: There's a market on our street on Saturday mornings so the parking is restricted from Friday night, and if you get home late you have to park further away. So as we were driving down our street when we got back earlier Lucas said "Oh, we are Friday" This is a direct translation from French, that's how they say what day or date it is. Funny me being in a totally silly mood (Christmas joy) replied "No we're not Friday, we're Francine and Lucas" Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha!" I kill me!! ok, guess you had to be there. We were lucky though and got a spot right outside our building.
Hmm, maybe I'll wake up early and go take some photos of the market tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe I'll finish this layout I started working on yesterday.

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