Sunday, December 04, 2005

Get Serious Saturday!

That's what yesterday was and the main reason I didn't update. It hit me just how much Christmas Stuff I have to do before we leave on the 22nd and after having a slight heart attack I decided to make a list and get serious about it. I even posted the idea as a challenge for my forum buddies. Here's my list

1. Go through decorations and decide what we'll use this year
2. Make new decorations for tree
3. Do tree!
4. Finalize handmade gifts and get cracking!
5. Soak fruits for christmas cake
6. Make Christmas drinks
7. Bake!
8.Finish and mail christmas cards
9. Make xmas deco for front door
10. Gift shopping

Items 1 and 2 are now complete, although I think I might make other decorations during the week. I am still trying to find clear glass ornaments to use. I should be finished with the hanging for the front doot by tonight. And also decorating the tree :) I feel better already!

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