Friday, December 02, 2005


I washed the dishes for the first time in I don't know how long (Lucas does them because he is the world's best husband and knows how much I hate this mindless task). Anyway I was almost done and feeling good and asking myself why I hate it so much when disaster struck and I sliced my finger on the blades of the food processor. OUCH!!! I bled like a stuck pig! Lucas bandaged my owie and now here I am blogging. lol I figure it's a sign that either (1) I shouldn't be doing the dishes or (2) I need to do them more often or (3) we need a dishwasher!

I wasn't planning to post until later with more exciting news, but then this happened. yeah, I know, pathetic :)

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Jade said...

Yes you really are pathetic. Sounds like you're now spoiled rotten - ok, maybe not rotten but spoiled - I'm so jealous.

You have to let me know how to go about finding the world's best husband - of course, then you and I would be in competition because there just can't be two, right?