Thursday, December 01, 2005

Un- Day

That's what yesterday was. A totally un-day. My wake up early plan failed miserably. The night before I had one of my coughing attacks and was up even later than usual, then couldn't fall asleep. Lucas tried to help by calling me around 10:00 but I just crawled back into bed. So when I did finally wake up I was extremely sluggish. Oh well. Today is another day, it's actually sunny and I did wake up at a decent hour. Lucas called at 9:00 to make sure I was up, and Mozaique had already done her miawing number.

I don't know why but every morning she stands outside the bedroom and miaws piteously. It's as if she's making sure that I am alive. lol Then after I sit up and call her, she jumps on the bed, walks all over me and looks out the window. After that it's pretty much impossible to go back to sleep. Unless she decides she wants to snuggle, in which case we both slumber for a while.

I am so motivated today that I am even working on a layout of above mentioned kitty. I have the bare bones of it together, all I need now is to decide what finishing touches to add. It's been 2 months or so since I did a layout so it's kinda slow going even though it's going to be a really simple one. But it feels good to be scrapping again. I might even use some swap items on it. Wehat a novel idea!

I think I will go out today. I want to take some outdoor shots for my photo blog, and I do need to get some stuff in the mail. What a difference a day makes!

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pegmanrique said...

good for you to be scrapping again!! hope it'll rub off on me soon :)