Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Vicious Circle

Now that I'm not working I find myself in this stupid cycle of staying up really late, till the wee hours, and then sleeping most of the morning away. With the days getting shorter that means I have very little daylight time and so I don't get much done.

Unfortunately when I am up late it's usually because I am either watching TV or I'm online chatting in ym or posting on a forum. Not the best use of time, is it? So my plan is to force myself to wake up early tomorrow morning so that tomorrow night I will be tired and go to bed early. I sure hope it works, I need to make much better use of the day!

I went looking for an electric bed warmer today, but didn't find it. This one group of stores is supposed to have them, but the branch closest to me was all out. I really postively HATE getting into a cold bed at night. That's just wrong! Beds are meant to be warm and comforting aren't they? Just another pet peeve about winter.


Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Oh I have a post on my blog about my bed warmer. I LOVE IT! Good luck finding one. :o)

Corinnexxx said...

I love getting in a cold bed! well not the first minute but I get it warm in a minute with my own bodyheat!


Francine said...

The problem is I don't seem to have any body heat! lol I must be some kind of reptile. I have to go with Wendy on this one. ;)