Monday, November 28, 2005

This blogging thing

has me obsessed! I stumbled across a couple of threads about blogs over on the Two Peas message board and I have spent a good portion of today browsing other people's blogs. I need to get a life!

I also started a photo of the day blog (see sidebar) and actually uploaded to it today. I really want to make the best use of my new camera, especially when we are home for the holidays.

And speaking of the holidays: I was thinking we wouldn't get a tree since we leave on Dec 22nd. I thought Lucas would be like "what's the point? it's a waste of money!" but when I mentioned to my friend Mary that we weren't getting one he piped up with "of course we are!" so yay! Now I need to plan out how I will decorate it and make some new decorations. Oh great, more things to do with the 3 weeks I have left. ACK! But I LOVE christmas and it just isn't christmas without a tree!

Last night I made the cutest thing as a hostess gift for my friend Shakira. I won't post it in case she wanders over here, but I think she will love it! Well I hope so anyway..... a couple hints if you do read this Shakira : it is related to one of the swaps you are hosting and it is extremely PINK! LOL


Lucas said...

Am I always talking about money ?
I love you anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Good start. Your New Year resolution will be to keep it going.

Need to restart the family tree. My daughter Anyka did one for a class project this term. I am encouraging her to continue.

We normally have a family get together on New Year's day but if you are in Barbados, you will miss it.


Francine said...

Hey Alvin, well you'll just have to have 2 family get togethers this year :) How about Boxing Day?

Let Anyka know that I would like to see her family tree, you know that's right up my alley