Monday, January 16, 2006

Où sont les toilettes?

Even after two years in France it still surprises me when people ask "Where is the toilet?" instead of "Where is the bathroom/restroom?". It's not at all rude, it's quite normal and is one of those particularites about France that's good to know. In most homes the toilet and the shower are in separate rooms, so if you were to ask "Where is your bathroom?" (Où se trouve votre salle de bain) your host might wonder why you want to take a shower!

I've had this embarrasing moment while visiting friends and quickly learnt this was not the right formula for what I was trying to achieve. But if you really find it hard to use the T word, you can always substitue by referring to that room as the WC.


SageHen said...

My sister in law said toilet all the time. It is rather startling, since she is so very proper. But it is what it is.

I kind of like loo, myself.

Melanie said...

So, Fran, where IS the toilet located houses in France. What do you do when you are disrobed, about to step in the tub and realize - ooh - I gotta go!!!? E-mail me that answer. Melanie

Macacan said...

This is typical of most of Europe, I'm from England and everyone here says toilet.

The toilet is not necessarily separate from the bathroom, either.