Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bonne Annèe 2008

And meilleurs voeux (best wishes) to you as they say here. I am still gathering my thoughts regarding the plans and goals I have for this brand new year, as well as those that we have as a couple. One thing is sure my mantra this year will be ""make it happen" otherwise known as "actually frigging doing it!" (thanks for that phrase Sarah!). In the meantime I leave you with a list of Ten Activities I Plan to do More of in 2008, courtesy of a journaling prompt I came across on Daydreaming On Paper

  1. Read
  2. Dance
  3. Take photos
  4. Reach Out
  5. Blog
  6. Cook
  7. Create
  8. Share
  9. Laugh
  10. Love
If you make a similar list I'd love to see it!

1 comment:

Jade said...

There's just one thing I've set out so far to do this year:

To make more opportunities for direct (verbal or face-to-face) contact with my friends, with whom I am now in touch mostly through electronic means.

I'll stick with this one and give it ALL my attention (what little I have to spare).