Friday, January 04, 2008

Project 365

As part of my plan to take more photos this year (yes, even more than I normally take) I decided to do Project 365: Take a photo every day for a year. I normally take way more than 365 photos in any year (for example since Easter I have taken over 7000!), but I definitely don't take a photo every single day. This year I am going to give it my best because I want to see how it will affect my photography as well as my good habit forming goal.

I first read about the idea on Photojojo, and then challenged some online friends to join me. I know that Sarah is up and running with her photo blog, so drop by and give her some love! All my photos will be posted here, and I will eventually put a slide show in the sidebar on this blog. It's not too late to join, since your 365 can start today and end Jan 3rd 2009. If you think taking a photo daily is too much pressure, another idea is the 52 Blessings group on Flickr. A photo each week of something you are grateful for (I might do this one too and combine challenges).

Are you embarking on any daily or weekly projects this year? I'd love to hear about them!


*Paula* said...

time to update Missy!!

Jade said...

It's pretty easy to take a photo every day, harder to take a MEANINGFUL photo every day, or something DIFFERENT every day, or even to post the photo taken on your blog every day. I'd have to pass on that challenge - not ready for such a commitment.