Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day Activity

Call us silly, but yesterday our big activity was making a gingerbread house. Lucas had been researching them over the last few weeks, and we even had a blueprint he downloaded, because of course we had to make it from scratch. First step was baking the gingerbread. We used this recipe (which is in French, sorry!) and enlarged the blueprint by 50%. Once baked it looked like this.

Then the construction began using icing as the glue (and also as a treat along the way!).

After a few mishaps like collapsing walls and pieces of roof (for which we luckily had a replacement since we made a mistake and cut one piece to many), as well as not being able to add the bay window to the front, we had a house!

Add tons of candy to decorate and voila! Amazingly most of the candy ended up on the house and not in our bellies!

Sadly, the weight of the snow was too much for the roof at the front and so this morning we woke up to this.
We had a blast though, and I suspect this will become a tradition!


Vernell said...

You guys did an awesome job for your first time and from scratch too - woohoo. Are you going to eat it (hee hee)

sollie said...

Yummie!!!! I never made this but it looks so good.
Love, Isolde

Lizscraps said...

this made me want to EAT it LOL
great job for you first try.
thanks for popping in on my blog too!