Thursday, August 09, 2007

Getting back on track

Well the vacation is over. Lucas is back at work and my Mum has left (although her vacation continues in London for a while longer). It's time for me to get refocused. In theory that means regular blog posts (also on my Designs and Photo blogs), regular scrapping and crafting, as well as spending time pulling together some sort of business plan for my life.

It's been about a year since the first opportunities in the scrapbook industry came my way, and I am now almost 100% sure that this is how I want to spend my time and earn an income. But some groundwork has to be done, legal groundwork that is. The first step will be to get registered as a travailleur independent - the French equivalent of a freelancer - to make sure that everything is on the up and up, and so that I will be taken more seriously by potential clients in France such as the scrapbook stores.

I'm really excited by what the future holds, not the least of which will be being able to proudly declare myself a freelance designer when asked, as I inevitably will be, "So are you working yet?"


L Vanel said...

Alright, Fran! The biggest challenge is locating the correct form, and this will depend on the person who is working behind the desk that day. Basically if you keep it simple and don't get too excited and tell them what your dreams are instead of what you intend to do today, like I did, you won't be sent off with the wrong form to the wrong agency to be told you can't do that and waste a whole day waiting at bus stops in the suburbs. Just hop on down to the tax bureau and tell them you are an artist and want a SIRET. You can fill it in on the spot and have your number in a week or two.

sollie said...

It must be so exciting to make from scrapbooking your profession. Wish I could do this too. Good luck, girl!