Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday was a lovely day. Not weather wise, it rained all day long and was cold. Lovely because we spent most of the day with Lucy and Loic. Early in the morning we went out to Les Puces du Canal, the flea market in Villeurbanne. It was somewhat disappointing- because of the weather or maybe the fact that it was a holiday- not many of the permanent stalls were open, and the box sellers were nowhere to be found. I did find a few goodies though.

After our chilly morning we went back to their place for lunch. After a fresh and delicious salad to start, Lucy grilled up some steaks and sauteed some potatoes. She used this amazing spice mix called zata (ok I'd had a glass or two of wine by the time she mentioned this so maybe that's not quite the right name. Lucy?). We had fresh strawberries and freshly made whipped cream for dessert (as well as the whipped-cream incident, but my lips are sealed!).

Then we just hung out, looking at photos and chatting. Thanks Lucy for the flea market suggestion! If not for that I probably would have spent the day watching TV or lost online, but instead had a wonderful experience.


Rhi said...

i'm your newest stalker fran ;) in the name of partner power tho!

that food sounds delicious, mmm.

sollie said...

Seems like you had a wonderful day. Oooh, I really love strawberries with whipped cream.

Hillary Heidelberg said...

Sounds like a lovely day--glad I found your blog Francine!