Thursday, May 17, 2007

Internet Overdose

I've been spending way too much time online lately (and yet, not blogging, why is that?). Between hanging out at Self-Addressed, Scrapppin Trends, Scrapbook Takeout, Two Peas and checking out new sites like Scrapperie and Scrap In Style, I'm sure I've logged many thousands of internet miles. If only they could be cashed in for a ticket home! And blog surfing of course, a day can't go by without me checking in on my favourites (thank you Google Reader). What is it about cyber space that just sucks you in and keeps you there? I think if I could find a cure for that I'd be a rich woman. But then, do we really want a cure?

All that to say that I need to re-focus myself on my goals, including keeping my own blog up to date. I think I get so overwhelmed and over stimulated with all that information that I am then demotivated. But all is not lost. I'm awake early today because we are heading off to the flea market. Hoping to find some fun stuff! Look for a post on that later. I also have two other posts in the works, those should follow shortly.

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

Nat said...

hehehe- I totally know what you are talking about!!!! Huge hugs to you!