Thursday, April 26, 2007


Let's all give a big thanks to Marci for tagging me, hence propelling me to finally blog again!

7 Random Facts about me (or weird habits)

When I was growing up I hated anyone to shorten my name. Fran got you a nasty look, Franny meant sure death! But now I love it when my friends call me Fran (Franny is still a huge no-no!)
*I can't draw to save my life. Thank goodness for awesome rubber stamps!
*I once used to hang the clothes in my closet by colour on matching coloured hangers
*But I am very untidy and disorganised
*I can't fall asleep unless I am covered, even during the hottest summer
*I love daffodils
*I measure 5' 3&1/4" - that 1/4" is very important!

And now I will pass along this fun (hic) task to


marcilambert said...


Prolix from la Normandie said...


hope you're well.

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Starlight said...

Hey Fran,
Sure I'll send the brushes for you tomorrow!
Can I send the files by e-mail?
Its cuz probaly the URL has expired its easy to send the hole thing directly

*Paula* said...

Hey! You are officially taller than me...I think. I am 5'3"...or maybe a teeny bit more. We will just have to meet up and go back to back to see who is taller!

I have another friend named Francine and nobody, but NOBODY, is allowed call her Fran or, heavens forbid Franny!