Friday, December 08, 2006

A Bit of History

Lyon 8 December. This festival of light - Fete des Lumieres - dates back to 1852. On the 8th of December that year all the city of Lyon awaited the unveiling of a new statue of The Virgin Mary. The unveling was already three months late and that night there was a sudden storm - another possibility of a delay. Luckily the storm passed and spontaneously the residents of the city lit candles along their windowsills, and went into the streets to celebrate.

This festival is now acclaimed throughout Europe, and the best national and international lighting artistes show off their expertise each year. All the buildings are awash in a splendour of light and colour - follwoing the annual theme.

But my very favourite part of this festival is the original tradition that remains - tea light candles in glass containers along all the window sills. I just finished lighting and putting mine out, and I'm waiting for Lucas to get home. We are heading out to meet friends in the city. It's another rainy December 8th, but we'll bundle up and enjoy the show.


The Beach said...

We have a festival of lights in St. Lucia as well. It takes place around December 13 in the city. I haven't been home for it in a while but I assume it still takes place.

Vernell said...

Oh that is neat. Love the history behind it.