Thursday, December 07, 2006

Bon Anniversaire Cheri!

Today is my honey's birthday! I met him for lunch with some of his colleagues. I'd never met them before, they were a great bunch, we had a really nice time. They gave Lucas a silk tie (probably because they are tired of seeing the tie he seems to wear everyday) as well as a set of gourmet cooking oils. They totally hit the spot there! Here we all are

and here is the birthday boy

And I have to show you this! It was right outside the restaurant. I have no idea what on earth it is, some kind of modern sculpture I guess. Lucas says it's called La Maison Jaune - The Yellow House.

After lunch I went to hang out with Lucy. All the preparations for La Fete des Lumieres were being made around the city, sadly my batteries died so I couldn't take any more photos. But we will be out looking at all the sights tomorrow night, and I have a tripod now, so stay tuned for (hopefully) great photos of the light shows.


Anali said...

Happy Birthday Lucas!

Lynn Anne said...

Happy day! I don't know what that yellow house is..but glad it's not in my neighborhood! LOL. Guess I'm not too knowledgeable about French art :)

The Beach said...

Oh, I am a day late - happy birthday Lucas! Enjoy your dinner tonight.