Thursday, September 21, 2006

The family that cooks together

Lucas is the chief cook and bottle washer around here (lucky me!), but we recently decided that every Wednesday night we will cook a meal together as part of our "us time". This is historic, because my darling husband really doesn't like anyone else being in the kitchen with him, it's truly his domain. But marriage is a compromise right?

Last night we went vegetarian and made Tartelettes Mediterraneennes au Filo, delicious filo crusts filled with grilled peppers, avocado, onion, shallots and feta cheese. They tasted even better than we thought they would. To accompany we had a 2003 St. Jospeh, (which we actually started on while we were cooking), and Lucas whipped up some chocolate madeleines for dessert .

So now I can finally start updating myrecipe blog which I set up last December. Every week I'll post the recipe that we made so you can try it out, along with photos for you to drool over.

Last night reminded me how much I enjoy cooking, as long as it isn't a daily thing!


Shirley said...

You are one lucky woman! YUMMY! All we need now is to be able to smell. ;)

Nat said...

Oohhh , yummie Francine! Can't wait for new recipes!!

Liz Ness said...

YUM! You make me drool (well, at least the food does, heh-heh).

L Vanel said...

Wow that 2003 St. Joseph was probably a great one if it didn't get 'cooked' this past July! I'm seeing filo everywhere and that means it is time to do something with it. Wonderful post, thank you!

horseygal said...

I love to cook if I am trying a new recipe!
Your menu sounded wonderful!