Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday morning musings

  • ugh, another grey cloudy day. I guess I need to realise that summer is finally over. That sucks
  • coffee, need coffee
  • hmmm, wonder if anything exciting happened on The Pub last night?
  • why do I never get mail on Mondays? is there some kind of conspiracy?
  • I wonder if I can learn enough about Photoshop to actually design papers and kits?
  • why oh why does Mozaique have to leap onto my desk like that and scare the crap out of me??
  • ok, so what is my plan for today? I really don't wanna be stuck online for hours
  • but lemme just check my e-mail quickly and also a couple of message boards
  • oh yeah I wanna make a new banner for the blog and update my links.
  • so much for not being stuck online, but thank God for free Photoshop tutorials
  • now which mag was it that had an article about using layer masks?
  • OMG! I can't believe it's noon already!


L Vanel said...

Francine, the new banner looks GREAT. We have a really good source for coffee... maybe one of these cloudy days you might want to meet and hit the market together since we are in the same town.

lilalia said...

Sometimes it helps with Photoshop just to browse through some tutorials for inspiration. Here is a starting point or two…

That Girl said...

Hey chica!

I need you to be in touch with me because waaaaay long ago you won a rak from me on the 2 peas POTD gig. I'd love to send it to you so be back in touch with me so we can exchange shipping info. It will be on the slow boat to China (well...France) but I think that international players should win too! Congrats and it's been so fun knowing you chica! Back to reading your blog!


SherrySherry said...

Hey Franny, love the new banner! I guess you made it through Monday:) What's up for today? I could hardly get up today so it felt like Monday to me:) I think I am tired from my spinning classes at the gym - new workout thingy for me. Anyway, sorry summer is over - I know you hate the cold. It's very nice here in TX at the moment - I guess Fall will be here in November(hahahaha).

imagined-community said...

lovely banner!