Sunday, July 16, 2006

Doing it digi

I've caught the digi bug! When we went away last weekend I took my laptop and some digi kits with me, in the off chance that I'd have a free moment. Well I am now hooked! I spent the majority of this past week downloading digi scrapping kits. I don't think I will ever give up paper (you can have my paper, ribbons and other goodies when you pry them from my cold dead hands!) but I do enjoy using a different creative muscle with digi pages.

Crushed Kit by Lucrecer Braxton and Victoria Stegall of

Perfect Pet Kit by Rhonna Farrer for Two Peas

I'm searching out tutorials online and learning more about Photoshop. I am addicted to brushes and also want to learn how to make my own, and maybe even some digi elements. A whole new world has just opened up for me!


Julie Ann said...

Your layouts are great. Did you see my tutorial at scrapbookeronline? I never thought I'd like digital but it sure is addicting!

Sheryl-Ann said...

Hey Franny, I ate so many cherries (I mean pounds!) during the 4th of July weekend that the sight of them here gave me a tummy ache - again (smile)! Aren't they simply delicious?
TX heat is killing us, girl. I never thought I would miss Nova Scotia summers, but I do.

toya said...

so cute, I love your layouts, you rawked those kits!