Friday, May 05, 2006

Want some cheese with that wine?

I love to dance. Lucas doesn't. I have to wonder sometimes how this Carnival loving, soca winin' girl from the West Indies ended up married to a man who doesn't dance. I think dancing is definitely a cultural thing, more so than a matter of race. Everyone in the Caribbean can dance. Obviously I'm exaggerating here, but what I mean is regardles of class. colour, or creed we dance. Dancing is just such a part of the daily life there, that we don't even give it a second thought. As we like to say "just knock two stone together and I dey!"

When I first moved here I would get excited when Lucas said we were going to a party. Party (or fete as we call it) means only one thing where I come from: dark room, loud music, gyrating bodies, plenty drinks and a big pot of rice and stew (or oil down, or corn soup, or crab and dumplings depending on which island you're on.)

What he was talking about were what we would call "get-togethers" - you know a group of friends sitting around talking and drinking wine, with soft music in the background that no one pays attention to. That, my darling husband, is not a party.

So I have come to learn that the French in general don't dance. Usually at these soirees, as we'll refer to them from now on, the only one whose foot you'll see tapping in rhythm with the music is mine. Sometimes I even do a little wine in a corner, but not often. I'm afraid that they just wouldn't understand.

"just knock two stone together and I dey!" = knock two stones together (to make a rhythm) and I'm interested!
wine or winin' = the colloquial name for the gyrating motion made with the hips (ala the singer Shakira)


Jade said...

No dancing!! I feel for you, my girl.

And don't presume all Caribbean people dance - I have managed to hook up with one who says he doesn't dance, but I have managed to persuade him on a few occasions to let go and he gets by. But that's only if he feels that no one knows him.

Adrienne said...

I love dancing!

Renee said...

Sorry about the cultural differences. You guys will get through them. It was so interesting hearing about the cultural things though.

Take care!

em said...

My husband and I have no cultural differences...we just have different ideas of what fun! I enjoy dancing...and he would pretty much rather to anything other than dancing!!! I hope you can find something that you both enjoy!!

Sheryl-Ann said...

Well, you need to plan a big party (fete) in Lyon and invite all your Caribbean friends so we could show them how it is done. Sadly, we may all end up in jail for our gyrations.....Caribbean people real wild!

Sophia C. said...

My husband and I are from two different worlds but it's all good and we just make the most of the things we do have in common. (And it took a while to find some!) I'd love to watch the dancing though! And listen to the music. I love it! Good luck to you!


cityfarmer said...

Yes I will take cheese with that wine.
Thank you for your comments.
I would love to shop in that barn.
Talk soon.

Lisa Sanford said...

Francine....this is a great example of what I call Ethnic Scrapbooking. Highlighting cultural differences...can't wait to see your scrapbook page about this post.

Vernell said...

LOL - that is so funny. I agree with Sheryl - just tell me when and send the ticket ROFLOL

LynnAnne said...

Oh, man! You'd better start rubbing off on your neighbors there :) I have to know - have you ever taken DH to one of YOUR parties, when you were visiting family last year or whatnot? I am dying to know his reaction!!!