Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Best Things in Life Aren't Things

True, I agree completely. And yet, sometimes things make me really happy. Look at this cute little machine for instance. Our latest aquisition and a huge leap forward. This thing prints photos like a dream. They weren't joking when they called it a personal photo lab. I can't tell the difference between the pics I print and those that were processed.

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Now instead of having to sift through the 1000+ photos (that we have taken since we got the last piece of technology), in order to decide which 200 or 300 we want prints of, I can easily pick and choose whatever photos I am in the mood to scrapbook, or have an idea for. Heck now I can have an idea and then take the photos to scrap!

Another good thing: the lovely Karen of Chookoloonks and BloggingBaby fame, who is now the Caribbean Editor on BlogHer, featured me and that layout I was nervous about in one of her recent entries. She said she was humbled to see my work. Well I was extremely humbled (not to mention flabbergasted) to see myself up in print on another blog. Thanks Karen! Check out Karen's blogs, she is an extremely talented lady.


Dar said...

Gotta love technology! Have fun with your Picture Mate. Congrats on featured layout!

Tracy said...

Holy cow! That monster printing/station looks amazing! Enjoy.

Queue_t said...

I got mine last christmas and love it for the very same reasons- you can print what you want when you want it.

enjoy your fun stuff