Sunday, January 29, 2006

Power Scrapper?

I just completed what is probably the most embellished , complicated and technique heavy scrapbook page I have ever done. I've been working on the darn thing for about 2 weeks now. LOL It took me one week to decide which papers to use, and to choose the accents I thought I should use, and another week to put it all together. I woke up today determined to finish it, and I have done essentially only that all day. And now it's done. I am quite proud of it but I am scared to post it anywhere yet. I think I need to sleep on it and look at it again tomorrow in the daylight to see if I have really created a masterpiece or if I'm just fooling myself.

And after this experience I have to ask myself how on earth other scrappers prepare entries for contests like Hall of Fame? I'd have to start a year in advance at this rate.

Now I just have the uncontrollable urge to scrap something extremely simple!


Renee said...

Post it, we want to see. I am sure it looks wonderful.

Tracy said...

I can relate, but you can't rush creativity, right?!

Shna said...

Oh Francine, I've seen your work, I bet this one is great!
Come on lets see it.....