Monday, January 30, 2006

Everything but the kitchen sink

I realised today just how many small appliances we own. We are fully equipped to chop, mix, whip, beat, puree and freeze every conceivable food to within an inch of its life. In our defense we cook a lot. Ok let me be honest, Lucas cooks a lot. I cook a little.

We abhor pre-processed food, and prefer to buy fresh ingredients to make it our selves. Our arsenal includes a bread machine (whole grain bread with 100% peanut butter for breakfast), a pasta machine (Lucas plans to make whole wheat pasta now that we are doing SBD) and an icecream maker (let me tell you, low-fat homemade ice-cream sweetened with Splenda is to die for!).

Thankfully most of them were gifts, or rather purchased with gift money, so we didn't need to take out a personal loan to equip our kitchen. We brought home our latest on Friday, a super cute mixer that is detachable from the base and so can also be used as a hand mixer. We got a surprise late wedding gift card from friends of my in-laws. It is so wonderful to have a husband who cooks. We actually have fun together in the kitchen section of stores checking out all the possibilities. What can be better than a man who doesn't roll his eyes at the thought of yet another kitchen gadget?

In other news, the winter wonderland that was my neighbourhood has all but disappeared from view. I went for a quick walk earlier to take some photos before it all melted away. As luck would have it my batteries died so I didn't get as many as I would have liked. (Can't upload to blogger, don't know why, so you can see them here on flickr)

And finally after the encouragement from those who posted comments yesterday, I posted that layout I was nervous about on TwoPeas

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Renee said...

Your layout is awesome and your photos are great too. What kind of camera are you shooting with? These are really good.