Friday, November 18, 2005

It Never Fails

Why is it that everytime I sit down with the intention to do some scrapping it turns into an organisational project and I never get anything done?

Case in point: I got a lovely package from my friend Denise today with lots of new goodies (she's the best!). One of the things she sent me was a Simple Scrapbooks mag which I promptly (almost) read through. I love this mag, it's only the second issue I've read and it always inspires me. So I saw a few good ideas, one that I wanted to try immediately. Sit down at my desk, decide I need more space to work (surprise surprise!) and I should probably sort and put away my new goodies. Well now instead of scrapping here I am reorganising my stickers and other miscellaneous embellishments. (oh and posting to the blog)

Sigh. Is it scrap avoidance? Or more to the point SWAP avoidance? I am determined to get one layout done tonight, it has been about 6 weeks or more since I have done anything for me. If I am successful I will post again before bed. :) With a pic if I figure out how to do that.

1 comment:

Vernell said...

The same thing happens to me so I end up cleaning and organizing instead of scrapping LOL!