Friday, May 23, 2008

Things I forgot about life in Barbados

1. How freaking hot it is. Ok, obviously I expected it to be hot and I was looking forward to that, but it is SO hot! Not that I am complaining of course......

2. Being greeted everywhere you go. I love that about small islands, the acknowledgement that you are in the company of another human being, even if you may never see them again in your life.

3. The unwritten rules of the road: flashing your lights to call people out from side streets, and the short double toot of thanks in acknowledgement. Also drivers stopping to let pedestrians cross the road.

4. Being served at the gas stations, I keep wanting to get out and pump my gas!

5. Having your groceries packed at the cashier and then carried out to your car for you. I totally felt like a queen today after doing groceries! The down side of this though is all those plastic grocery bags! yikes!

6. How much in a rush everyone seems to be on the road. I don't know why the hurry, it's a small island, it doesn't take long to get anywhere!

7. The fact that it doesn't take long to get anywhere (unless there is traffic, which is more and more the case)

8. Guys on the street and just about everywhere making catcalls. Of course having just turned forty I have a new appreciation for this!

9. The words "above" and "below" when used to explain the location of a building. It doesn't mean "up" and "down", but rather "left" and "right". Or is that "right" and "left"?

10. How quickly the sun sets. I keep getting caught by surprise!

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