Friday, May 23, 2008

Some more eye candy

Barbados Mosaic May 23

1. Jenny, 2. Zoe, 3. Ginger Lily, 4. Hi there!, 5. Cattle Wash, 6. evening walk, 7. fish out of water, 8. sunset over st. thomas, barbados, 9. Oistins at night, 10. purple, 11. curly, 12. mama's tea set, 13. This must be why they call it the Gold Coast, 14. on duty, 15. oh, orange!, 16. smile!, 17. join me for dinner?, 18. day is done, gone the sun, 19. my view, 20. relax, 21. desert rose, 22. me, 23. lunch is served!, 24. strange but cool


L Vanel said...

The light there is beautiful, Fran. Your hair looks great!

Vivian said...

You have too many blogs! I missed this because I haven't been here in a bit; boy, am I ever glad I saw this - amazing, AMAZING photos. Really. Wow!