Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some changes

In an effort to post more to my blog I am going to make some changes. As you may know I also have a Photography Blog and a Scrapbooking Blog

It's turning out to be too difficult to maintain three blogs (what was I thinking?), along with all of my other committments, so starting from today I will use this blog for usual posts about life in France as well as my photography, and also for crafty posts that aren't hardcore scrapbooking. The hardcore stuff will stay on the designs blog, so if you want to keep up with my work, as well as get tips, tricks and step by step projects, make sure to check it out often, or add it to your feed reader.

Speaking of photography, I totally fell of the 365 wagon! I do take photos most days, but I've pretty much lost track. Luckily with this kind of challenge you can start over anytime, so that's my plan. Look for photo 1/365 later today.

So that's that. I'm hoping that this will get me back on the blogging track!!

1 comment:

lilalia said...

Glad you've made the decision. I like all three aspects about your blogs, but didn't follow your other two blogs because I didn't think I could comment about something I know so little about. I've missed seeing your crafty art.