Tuesday, December 04, 2007


As in Tree Day. Our tree has landed! We got it from Ikea at lunch time today on our second attempt. We tried last night but they didn't receive their delivery. I was all excited and then nothing! But now it's here and it's all good. Every year since 2004 we have bought our tree at Ikea because of the program they have in partnership with the forestry department. We return the tree in January and it is made into compost, and they make a donation to the Forestry Department. They also refund the majority of the cost in the form of a gift certificate to the store. You really can't beat that deal! And this year I made sure to go early to get a decent sized tree since we have the space for it in the new place. In fact ever since we moved into the apartment in January I've known exactly where I would be putting the tree. Yes, I am that obsessed with Christmas. So now all that is left to do is completely clean the living room and I can decorate! I so love this time of year.

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Vernell said...

LOL - ok sis - yes you are a just a tad bit obsessed with Christmas (hee hee). Great looking tree. Can't wait to see it decorated.