Sunday, September 02, 2007


Aug 29 - new
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So the big news around here lately is that the cats now outnumber the humans. Naala had these three cuties earlier this week. We're frantically trying to find them homes before we get too attached. Luckily all they are doing right now is sleeping, eating and squealing, but as soon as they start to walk, play and cuddle we'll be in trouble. Anyone looking for a kitty? I'll keep posting tempting photos as they grow.


Stunner said...

Cats are so cute when they are little. I can just imagine the antics they will be up to when they grow a little older.

jennifer said...

francine, every time i stop by your blog there is something cute, beautiful, or inspiring. these little guys are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Love them but no thank you. My Zoe will be jealous and in any case the Caribbean weather will be unbearable for them.