Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I need exercise

I've been getting into a nice routine lately and waking up earlier and earlier every day and getting more done. Yay for me. But it's become painfully obvious that I need to include some exercise in my schedule, because I am totally wiped out by 8 or 9 p.m. Like clockwork. I know that the cure for this is exercise, but as they say the hardest part is getting started. I know that it will make me feel better, physically and mentally, that I will have more energy and that I will also be the healthier for it. But I can't seem to get myself to that point. Not yet. But it will happen. And soon. I'm telling myself that I should just try doing one new thing a week until it becomes a habit. So this week, waking earlier. Next week, who knows? It just might be me putting in an exercise video.

1 comment:

Rhi said...

yoga. its the way forward. i'm starting myself when uni starts back ;)