Saturday, August 25, 2007

Eight Months Later

I think it probably takes about a year to really settle into a new place. Here we are eight months into it and still adding, removing, and rearranging. Today's cleaning frenzy came about because of an impending visit from friends (which has been moved to tomorrow, but I digress), but also because of my recent desire to reorganise and use the living room space better. We (1) lost a shelf (moved it to the hallway), which gave more space in the couch/coffee table/TV area, (2) threw out and packed away some of the random items using up precious square footage and (3) relocated a small desk. It's like a whole new apartment.

But it's kind of beige isn't it? The next step will be adding some colour. Once we are finished restoring the dining table we'll lose the tablecloth. The table was made by Lucas' grandfather, and will be gorgeous when finished. (The coffee table has the same provenance, and it was a lot easier to get that one done). I have some luscious fabric to make a proper cover for the couch, and I'm hoping to find some art pieces for the walls. Oh and maybe we'll lose those two blue chairs! With a bit of luck I'll get all these projects done in time for Christmas.

(p.s. Has it really been two weeks since I updated? Where does the time go?)

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