Thursday, February 01, 2007

New everything

Well not exactly. But it's a new month in the new year, we are comfortably installed in our new apartment, I have a new scrap studio, at long last a new internet connection, and last, but definitely not least, meet our new kitten Naala.


lilalia said...

Yeah, your back! Hope most of your moving boxes are unpacked, or at least stacked out of the way.

Where does the name Naala come from? Nice.

Anonymous said...

Well yes ,oui. You are alive once more.
Zoe just glanced at Naala and looked away. I think she got jealous because I sounded so excited,
We love her.

jacQ said...

wat a good looking cat! Do post pics of your new flat! :)

iralamija said...



L Vanel said...

Beautiful feline.

Lynn Anne said...

naala is sooo pretty! How'dja get her?