Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Neither wind, nor rain

It was horribly cold and wet on Friday night as we made our way into Lyon for the light festival. The entire city was blocked off from 6:00 p.m., there was no way to enter it by car, and all the streets became 100% pedestrian. The buses, tram and metro lines were free to all from 4:00 p.m. After unsuccessfuly trying to get to our friend's house in Caluire, we parked our car on the Colline de Fourviere (close to our new apartment!) and made our way down to Vieux Lyon with the funiculaire. We crossed the bridge, huddled together under the umbrella. I made a valiant attempt to snap a photo of the Basilique up on the hill, with the illuminated Merci Marie sign. I was too lazy to take the tripod out, so this was the result.

Once we got to Bellecour however, I decided to sacrifice my hands for my art, so we set up the tripod, I took my gloves off and captured Louis XV silhouetted against the Ferris Wheel.

Umbrellas were everywhere to be seen, the weather certainly didn't daunt anyone.

We fought our way onto the Metro A and travelled in style to Place Terraux. Not being impressed by the display (for some reason City Hall, which is usually splendidly illuminated, was dark and silent) we walked the short distance to Lucy and Loic's apartment, they had suggested we stop by for a drink while out. We got there at a strategic time: they had not yet eaten dinner and invited us to join them. It was exactly what we needed to fortify us for another venture into the wet and cold.

Racing along the Quai de Soane to catch up with friends in Vieux Lyon I took several quick shots of the sites along the way.

I particularly enjoyed the display against the front of the Eglise St. Nizier with the moon looking down on the activity.

We finally caught up with our friends close to the Cathedral St. Jean. After a round of hot drinks, Lucas and I left them to enjoy the show, and retraced our steps to the car.


adrienne said...

Great pics!

Jane said...

these pics are amazing, especially the ferris wheel one...worth getting your hands cold for!! :)

Didi said...

I ADORE your ferris wheel photo! I keep telling myself to take my tripod EVERYWHERE with me and now I KNOW i gotta! ALso love the cathedral pic. Great stuff!

Vernell said...

Love your ferris wheel photo, but they are all great.

The Beach said...

Love the pics, Franny!

ethnicscrapbooking said...

Love your work...look forward to visiting your blog everyday.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that I just love visiting your blog! I love the pictures and all the interesting adventures you and your hubby have. :) I'm not even sure how I came to your blog, but have been reading it for at least a few months now, and thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you!

Michelle ( I couldn't get my blogger account to work for some reason to sign in.)

PROLIX from la Normandie said...

salut!ça va?
tes photos sont très belles!
bonne journée!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}