Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Blog Kindly

One of my blog friends, the lovely Karen of Chookooloonks has started a campaign to combat all the unkindness and meanness in the blogosphere. You can read about it in this post , and find the Kind Blog Manisfesto here. Won't you join me in adding a pink lotus flower to your blog?


Lynn Anne said...

Hm..I must be living a sheltered bloggy life so far...I've not experienced an unkind blog/ger (crossing fingers) -- will check out the manifesto though!

Anali said...

I've just recently discovered your blog. It's wonderful! And nice to see that it is a "Kind Blog." Mine is too!

Vernell said...

I added the image but can't figure out how to make it link back to the manifesto :( Help!!!!