Tuesday, November 14, 2006

5 Crazy Days

The expo was great. Five days doing nothing but talk scrapbooking, what could be better? I only knew Crystel and Valerie a little bit, and Kristine not at all, so this was the perfect opportunity to get to know them better. It's amazing how you can throw together strangers with a common passion and there is just instant connection.

Oh did I say we did nothing but talk scrapbooking? Not true at all, we worked hard, but we also played hard. I taught a workshop at various intervals, this little book, made from a 12"x12" piece of Bazzill Cardstock. The background was made using the Distress Inks by Ranger which I now love even more after using them over the four days.

In between teaching I worked in the booth, mainly explaining what scrapbooking is, since it is still not very well known in that area. We did find a few other passionate scrappers though! On Saturday and Sunday we were lucky enough to have Sandra Charbonnel working with us, she's the author of a newly released book called Scrap Tampons (tampons = rubber stamps!), and she makes pretty much all her pages using stamping exclusively. She is so talented, I was amazed by what she can do with stamps and ink. I also met and briefly chatted with Karine Cazenave-Tapie, another amazingly talented scrapbooker. She can do things with Distress Inks and other mediums like you've never seen!

This was truly a great opportunity for me to meet other like minded souls, and to launch myself into teaching workshops, something I have been wanting to start. The best part whoever was making new friends. Friday and Saturday nights we stayed up late working on each others projects, laughing up a storm and making connections. And as an added benefit I think my French improved tenfold!


Lynn Anne said...

ROFL!!!! Tampons!!! Ugh!! Glad you had a good time...and what a cute little book!

claire said...

Great going


Vernell said...

Awesome sis! I am glad you had a fun time and also made some new scrap friends and also taught a class - way to go!!!