Thursday, October 19, 2006

So much to do, so little time

I've been so busy lately, pulled in a few different directions. Happily creating for myself and also my Design Teams, but also involved in a community theatre production which comes off this weekend. Last year Lucas and I took part in this group, which is led by his father. We performed in May, the same weekend as my birthday. It was a great way for me to meet some people and improve my French, and also a way for us to spend time as a couple. The downside was we didn't really enjoy ourselves - neither of us liked the play, and having to give up at least two nights a week for eight months was like torture!

I certainly didn't plan to be part of it again, but my father-in-law asked if I could just do a tiny part with two lines right at the end. I couldn't say no, he has been so good to us since I moved here. So for the last three weeks I've been going to rehearsals once a week. This week I went Tuesday night, Wednesday night and tonight, Thursday, is the dress rehearsal. Then we perform Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoon. I have to confess I am looking forward to it being done and dusted. But of course will have Lucas take photos so that I can scrap the experience!

We have also begun the hunt for a new place! Our apartment is being sold and if we don't want to buy it ourselves (we so don't!) then basically it's bye-bye! It's a bit unexpected, but since we have been wanting to move for ages we're looking on the bright side. One of the bright sides for me is the possibility of moving into a 2-bedroom place so that I will have a scraproom! Right now I have taken over the corner of our living/dining room which leads to me being very anti-social and not wanting to have people over since it means I need to tidy it all up. It will be nice to have a space of my own, somewhere that I can retreat to, as well as close the door on so that no one sees my creative chaos!

Our budget is a bit tight for a move right now, but on the positive side I am being picked up more for publications. I'll have my first publication in Memory Makers Magazine next year! What is really exciting is that they want to publish a layout that I did back in January, one that I wrote about in this entry! I have to say, the future looks bright!


Renee said...

Congrats Girl on the pub. Hope you find an apartment you love. We are in the midst of a house hunting move as well, and I am so claiming a space for a scraproom.

L Vanel said...

Francine dear, my whole house is a scrap room / broquante (it's just the natural state of affaires I'm afraid) so you're welcome to come over any time!

For the apartment, if you will be exploring my neighborhood (Lyon 1) you are completely welcome to stop in and rest your weary feet and have a cup of tea chez moi in between apartment visits.