Monday, September 11, 2006

Taking the "un" out of Monday

What is it about Mondays? I don't even have a job to go to, but I still get the Monday Blues. Maybe it's separation anxiety since Lucas is back at work?

Years ago a friend and I decided that Monday should really be called Unday- and that the week should start on Tuesdays. Undays would be like the bridge between the weekend and the work week - the time you needed to get back into the groove so to speak.

But getting little to nothing done on Mondays really isn't working for me. Everything piles up and then I am scrambling to get it all done before the weekend comes again. So I say enough already!

From now on I will approach Monday with a new attitude: I will go to bed early on Sunday nights so that I am out of bed early on Monday mornings, full of energy instead of dragging all day long.

Didn't quite work this week, but I am already ahead today. I am showered and dressed down to my shoes, er, I mean slippers a la FLYLady, I already crossed a couple things off my list, and here I am blogging before 6 p.m.! There is hope. 

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SherrySherry said...

Yes, there is hope. I have been sleepy all day for no apparent reason. I did make it to my knitting class, though:) Now, I have to get ready to teach my 7pm class while you are in dreamland. Take care and here's to Tuesday!