Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back to School

Known as la rentree in France, it's back to school time! What this means for me is:

  1. Lucas leaving earlier in the mornings since the heavy traffic starts again.
  2. The days starting to get cooler, so I need to start thinking about getting my sweaters out (though we've just been hit with Indian Summer, yipee!)
  3. In a month or so putting the clocks back and getting used to a 5 hour time difference with the Caribbean
  4. Everyone is back from vacation so things will get done again (forget trying to move forward on any projects in August in France)
  5. Lucas playing table tennis again once a week
  6. Hearing the kids at the school down the street screaming during their recess

I actually wish that I was going back to school myself. I admit it, I am a nerd and I love the academic environment. I did want to explore the possibility of doing a course or two: photogrpahy, or graphic design or maybe French and Spanish, but it didn't happen and now it might be too late. Or is it? I should find out, it would be nice to use my brain and keep it from turning to mush.


Keianna said...

Definately take some courses. Most non credit courses start later. I love learning, which is why I signed up for an online photography course that starts tomorrow. The next session is in October if you are interested www.betterphoto.com

Renee said...

It is never to late to take a class, especially if it is a subject you are passionate about. I had had both my children before I took my first photography class.