Monday, July 24, 2006

That darn cat!!

Last night Mozaique, for the third time, jumped from our bedroom window onto the roof of the building next door, and then couldn't get back into the bedroom. It's been about a year since this last happened, the first two times were last summer. Since then we have been very careful to keep either the bedroom window or door closed so that it won't happen again, but somehow the little sneak got by me yesterday.

Here's the scenario:

"Have you seen Mozaique?"
"She's probably on the window of the living room"
"No she isn't there"
"Oh, maybe the kitchen window then, she's been there a lot all weekend"
"No she's not there either"
"Hmm, I wonder where she could be? Mozaique?? Here Mozie-moze! Oh Mozaiiiiiiiique!"
"Oh shit!!!!!" (actually usually it's another word!)
"What!!!??? No, man!! Not the roof!!!!"
"Shit, shit shit!!!!"
"Mozie? Mozie-moze?"
"Miaow? Miaow! Miaoooooooooow!!!"
"Shit man! I wanna go to sleep!"
"Mozaique why are you so stupid????"
"Get the damn stool!!"

When this happened last year, we eventually figured out that we had to put a stool down on the roof for her to jump on so that she could jump back up to the window sill. You see while it might be easy for a cat to jump down a couple of feet while going left, apparantly it's impossible (for our cat anyway) to jump up two feet while moving right and making it over the bar of the sill.

Putting the stool out involves Lucas leaning pretty much all his body out of the window while standing on the bed, as I stand there with my heart in my throat. Then we have to wait the hour or so that Mozaique figures out what the stool is there for, while hearing her miaow piteously, and hoping that she won't decide it might be better to jump the four or so stories down to the street. And why, in all that is holy, does she only have these adventures at midnight????


Nat said...

hahaha- this is too funny! We do have nearly the same problem with our cat and roof! They are riots! ;-)

Adrienne said...

ROFLOL!!!! Too funny!!!

Sophia C. said...

The things we don't do for our kids and pets! How funny. Glad everythings all good!


rani said...

tooo ufnny! i can just picture Lucas stretching to put that stool out there! Four legged friends-don't you just love them!

Keianna said...

Way too funny :-) Glad both are safe.