Sunday, July 23, 2006

Scrap Crazy!

Yesterday was wild!!!!! Not only did I co-host a crop day with Vernell and Shakira on Diversity Designs, but I was also the first host for the CHA in Spirit Fun Day at The Pub on Two Peas in a Bucket. So I basically spent my day glued to the computer screen as well as trying to get scrapping done for the challenges. Don't worry, Lucas was away for the weekend so he didn't suffer from any wifely neglect.

Both events were a ton of fun! I'm sure non-scrappers might think we're crazy, but there's something about getting together with other people who share your passion that just can't be beat. Even if those other people are connected to you only by bits and bytes. But in fact that connection is so much deeper. I haven't been lucky enough to meet any of my online scrapper friends except for Dany, but many of these ladies have met each other in real life and have formed lasting friendships.

I am especially glad for this connection because I know so few people in France, and even less who scrapbook. Thankfully that is slowly changing, but I will always be grateful for all my online scrapper friends who welcomed me into their communites with open arms. If not for forums like About Scrapbooking, The Pub, Scrap-a-latte, Scrapfriends, Diversity Designs and several others, I might have totally lost it by now, especially during my period of adjustment to life in France (not that I'm completely adjusted, mind you, but that's for another post). Not to mention my scrapbooking has grown by leaps and bounds from all the inspiration out there.

So to all my crazy scrapper friends: Thank you!!


Robyn said...

Yesterday was DEFINATELY a blast in the pub! Good to see you there too! Thanks for hostessing.

Renee said...

You all look like you had a ton of fun. Hate I missed out.