Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I know I shouldn't complain

Because Lord knows I complain way too much about being cold in winter, but DAMN, it's hot! I mean I'll take this over being cold any day, but it sure is debillitating. I pretty much just sit in one spot all day trying to motivate myself to scrap, or do something else productive. Yesterday I actually stripped down to my undies at one point cause I couldn't stand the feel of clothing on my skin. And it doesn't help that a couple times a day I hear the kids next door splashing and screaming with joy in their pool. Methinks it might be time to make friends with my neighbours.

The annoying part is that everyone is sooo surprised that the heat bothers me because I am from a Caribbean island. HELLO??? It NEVER gets that hot there, if it goes to 33 C (91 F ) that's a big deal. Plus the beach is a mere 10 minutes drive away, that option just doesn't exist here. Lyon has been known to get as hot at 40 or 45!! (104 - 113 F). And the way things are going that might be in store for August. Might be a good time of year for me to discover the Northern European countries don't you think?


Vernell said...

I know what you mean about people being surprised. It is hot here too. Thank god for AC (sorry LOL) but I have to go to the PO and I am dreading it.

toya said...

OMG woman! LOL, it is hot like hell here in Philadelphia too. Luckily for me, I have AC all day long in the Office or I will stribble up and die, my mom laughs at me and say, "Girl, you are a Trini, a little heat is not going to kill you",,,, I beg to differ, lol

Sheryl-Ann said...

Ahhhh Franny, who invented the A/C? I want to give him a special prize. This Texas heat is sending me to the crazy house because enjoying the summer means staying indoors where it's nice and cool. I suggest you fill the tub with ice cubes and lie in it (lol).

Mike the "swede" said...

How many times have I gotten that same thing from people .... "You come from Barbados, you should be use to this warmth!" NOT!!!

Pure fact is that you can't please us West Indians .... if its not too cold then it is way too warm ;-)

I hope things are going good for you!!!

Mike ... in not so hot Sweden (22C degress in the sun and 18C degrees in the shade)

Veroncia said...

Fran it's hot everywhere. Here is Memphis I went out for lunch and the temp gage in my truck read "What the F&#%"! Then it said 107F...LOL