Saturday, May 27, 2006

It's the season

Summer is definitely here in Lyon (I hope, unless the weather turns bad again). Not only was I out today in a skirt, strappy top and sandals, but all evening long I could hear the wedding processions go by. The tradition in France, as in the Caribbean is for the cars to blow their horns as they drive from the ceremony to the reception.

That plus the heat makes me feel much less homesick.


Shna said...

I heard weddings yesterday too! :) The tradition of honking your horns is here as well, so I guess that's another thing that makes us all the same :)

Ubergoober said...

Great blog Fran!!! We have that tradition too here in Canada. Most of us do it with the wedding procession too. :) Love the blog chica!

Veroncia said...

Add the South (TN) to that custom too. Tis the season.