Monday, May 29, 2006

It's official

I'm becoming French. I've always admired the women out shopping with their baskets, and even though I have had a market basket for over a year I've never actually gone shopping with it. I prefer to use it for stuff like holding my scrapbook magazines next to my bed.

I had to pick up a few groceries today and I don't know if it's because this basket is new (a gift from Morroco from my in-laws) but I decided to use it. As I was walking home with my baguette sticking out the top it struck me that this was it, I am now French.

Except of course I wasn't fully made up with perfectly coiffed hair like the other ladies!


Renee said...

Hey Francine,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love , love, love the basket. It is so cute. It looks really french with the baguette in it too. Glad you aren't as homesick. I can not imagine being that far away from home.


Adrienne said...

OH I love that basket!!!!!

Chit Chat From Divagirlrn said...

Love that basket Fran!

Jade said...

So, next comes the perfectly coiffed hair?? I can't wait to see it!

Maggie said...

This is funny Francine, cause Last month, I found myself carrying a baguette 3 blocks away not even in a bag!.
If I was in the state I would not have eaten it, thinking it might have germs, but in Paris I didn't even think aobut it go figure!

How did you get to move to France from the Islands was it for work or family?
Talk later on diversity.
Have a great day,

Veroncia said...

Super cute basket!

EK12 said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love the basket. Toooo cute!

Colleen said...

love it!
so are you going to get coiffed?

Sheryl-Ann said...

Ok Missy, you need to get the french hairdo ASAP (smile). Lovely basket!

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

Love the basket...can't wait to see the hair!! LOL

monica gonzalez said...

love the basket!! i can just picture you shopping..and i'm so jealous i'm not there with ya! lol

now, go get your hair did!! lol

Vernell said...

Can I have the basket please ROFLOL. Can't wait to see the hair and make up LOL