Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Confessions of a Scrapbooker

Children? You're supposed to scrap children? Sorry! No pictures of cute kids here, unless you count my faded photos from the 70's

1-page, 2-page, 12x12, 8.5 x 11..... you name it, I've scrapped that way.

Sometimes I journal, sometimes I don't.

It really doesn't bother me in the least if the facing pages of my album coordiante or not. In fact most pages don't even make it to my album until days after they are finished.

Acid-free, shmacid free! Yes I care about my photos, but I scrap for ME, if my pages last for future generations great! If not, still great! At least my photos are already better off not languising in shoe boxes.

Yes I have an entire area of my home dedicated to this hobby, you have a problem with that?

Not only have I used flowers on a page about my husband, I have even scrapped a page about him in PINK!

I ink, I distress, I use sandpaper and metal. I haven't met a grunge I didn't like and I will try just about anything once!

Clean and simple, shabby chic, funky, artsy, grungy, graphic. Bring it on baby! I'm an equal opportunity kinda gal!

No my photos are NOT organised in any way, least of all chronological.

Sometimes I make a sketch, sometimes I wing it. It all depends on my mood.

I can scrap the same photo as many different times as inspiration strikes.

Matting photos takes up way too much of my valuable creative time.

Forget the "rules", I just wanna create!


Vernell said...

Love it...and so totally true. I agreee with you. Scrapbooking is supposed to be about you not the industry or what people want to see. You go on sis - create, create.

Jade said...

Did someone pressure you, my dear? You sound a little bit stressed. As though you don't want to do all the things you "should" do (remember what I said about that word?).

Shna said...

A gal after my own scrapping heart!
You go Francine!

wendymorris said...

great confessions!!!

Lisa D. aka Maxinit said...

I hear you sistah....loud and clear!!

Sheryl-Ann said...

You go, ragga scrappa!!

cityfarmer said...

Found your blog by surfing. We'll make good friends.
I have a new grandson and have great pictures on my blog you'd love.
We also have a thang for France, my daughters and me.
http://savvycityfarmer.blogspot.com and http:stuffintheburbs.blogspot.com

Renee said...

Yea Francine. Good for you on breaking all the rules! Sometimes I think that scrappers put too many rules on this wonderful hobby.

Shake Me said...

Love it!!!!!!! and so true! Your my hero.

Kip said...

I love your "non rules" and most of them I do myself!!!