Tuesday, April 04, 2006

You know it's Spring when.....

  • you wake up in sunlight to the sound of your neigbour trimming his lawn and hedges
  • your cat, who has spent the last 4 months doing little more than sleeping and eating is now running crazily around the apartment, staring out the window, and jumping out to attack you unawares
  • your neighbours have their windows open (not us yet, no way no how, maybe tomorrow)
  • you keep thinking it's 4;30 p.m. but it's actually 7:30 p.m.
  • the idea of ice cream doesn't sound ridiculous at all
  • you actually contemplate going for a walk, just because (emphasis on contemplate)
  • you can go down to check the mail without wearing a jacket
  • your husband left the heater on low and you didn't even notice
  • you have this strange urge to clean all the windows
  • you decide that maybe, just maybe you should shave your legs.


Jen said...

I love your list! I've been thinking and observing a lot about spring too. Isn't it a fabulous time of year?

Adrienne said...

Great list!!!

Sofia said...

LOL I love the thing about shaving your legs.

wendymorris said...

Definitely feeling like Spring here in Alabama!!!! The weather has been PERFECT!!! I agree with you on the time change. It's hard to remember that time is later even though it's still daylight outside - but it's nice :)

Robyn L said...

wonderful list! our cat has turned wild the last 2 days too :)

Vernell said...

LOL - I love your last bullet