Monday, April 03, 2006

Weekend Away

We spent a quiet weekend in Haute Loire with my father- and brother- in-law. On Saturday my father-in-law, chief connoisseur of this great family of connoiseurs, treated us to an amazing lunch at a 3-star restaurant called Vidal (in France 3 stars is the highest of the high in cuisine). It wouldn't surprise anyone that if you pick just about any restaurant in France you're in for a treat. So when you go to a 3-star restaurant you're prepared to be wowed. Fine cuisine doesn't even begin to describe that experience. Suffice it to say that four very satisfied customers stumbled out of the restaurant after around 4 hours of exquisite food, wine and table service. I actually left dessert back on my plate. That never happens!

{Update: So Lucas just informed me that in fact this was not a 3 star restaurant, it didn't even have 1 star. Just goes to show how much I know about French cuisine. But this leaves me wondering how I am going to handle an actual 3-star meal? Which he has informed me I will be eating one day.}

Needless to say we didn't eat much more for the weekend. And if you believe that there's this bridge........ Actually we were invited out to lunch with friends on Sunday. Totally different type of food, a delicious pork roast and scalloped potatoes, but just as satisfying. Our friends own the sweetest little dog we know, her name is Rhonda, and she loves to play. Luckily for her so does Lucas.


Adrienne said...

What a pretty dog!! AND VERY BIG TOO! LOL

justjohanna said...

what a fun adventure you are having!

wendymorris said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend! One thing I noticed when I was in
France was how long it took to eat dinner. It definitely shows the appreciation for great food!!!! Something we don't do here in the States. I bet the meal you had was WONDERFUL!!!!

What sweet pictures of your friend's dog :)

Jade said...

If that's a little dog I'd hate to see what you call a BIG dog!