Thursday, March 09, 2006

Starting Something

I'm finally starting something. With regards to scrapbooking that is. I talked a while back about being published and on a design team (DT) and I have been taking the necessary steps of late. I've applied for three DTs so far. Didn't make two, and am waiting to hear the results of a third. I'm also in the second round of a contest. And I'm having the best time doing it all.

Of course there is that twinge of disappointment when I don't make it, but it only lasts a few seconds, and then I move on. Like I said before I don't create specifically for calls, if I find a call that suits me I send in the layouts that I already have and love. That way even with a negative response I still love the work I've done, because I did it for me in the first place. And what's also great about this process is that I am meeting other scrappers and making new friends, expanding my circle and learning new things.

I am also submitting my layouts to different magazines, I haven't had that magical phone call or e-mail yet, but I'm not dwelling on it. If it comes, great, if not I have albums full of pages that I love, pages that commemorate my life and my family's life. And most importantly I am doing what I love, I just love the creativity, I love that I can sit with photos, paper and doo-dads and end up with a work of art.


Tracy said...

Good for you! Keep your chin up and GO FOR IT!

Krista said...

That is a great outlook. Love your pages, even if the mags don't. The pages are not less loved by you or the ones that the are for just because CK didnt pick them up. Keep that in mind.

Have a great one!

Sophia said...

You've got a great attitude! In twenty years, no one will even remember the magazines, but your family will always have the albums! Good luck!!