Friday, March 10, 2006

The eyes have it!

This week's theme for Studio Friday is "Eyes". After preparing this entry I feel a bit eerie now that I realise just how much I am being watched while I work.

To my left is the Art Doll Monique who I created almost a year ago.

To my right is the musical rag doll that my mother-in-law gave me a month ago . I haven't named her yet. What do you think I should call her?

As I was taking the photos, Mozaique, our cat had to come over to see what was happeneing. I love her eyes, especially when theyare all golden like this.

And finally I experimented with self-potraits and got a shot of my own eyes.

Of course the other major eye in my studio can't be seen, but was used to provide you with these glimpses into my little corner.

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firstborn studio said...

great entries!
beautifulcutecurioussoulfilled eyes!

Hanna said...

you and your cat has beautiful eyes!

Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...


Native Canadian said...

Wow, your cat's eyes are mesmerising!

Lorrie said...

nice pictures!

Tine said...

Beautiful eyes you have in your studio. I love your cat's and yours the most. So beautiful!!

Barbie said...

What great pictures! Love the one of your eyes!

andea said...

These are wonderful! Isnt' it funny how many eye's we actually do have watchign us. Great job on this weeks theme!

madretz said...

Wonderful capture of all the eyes influencing your art.

Carrie said...

Love all your eyes!

sallyt said...

OH, how wonderful to get to see YOUR eyes!