Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

I'm sure many of you grew up singing this song at Christmas time. Even people in the warm and sunny Caribbean are familar with this, it's an all time favourite (not sure why? none of the things in this song apply to Christmas in the Caribbean). You might wonder why I'm talking about this in March, but it's because it struck me yesterday as I prepared the pear and chestnut crumble for dessert that I love chestnuts!

I'd never even tried the things before just over a year ago, and now it seems like I can't get enough of them. To be honest I didn't think I would like them, mainly because my darling hubby introduced me to them by way of tasting "Creme de marron" which is a spread made of chesnuts and that stuff is just nasty! (sorry honey). But the actual chestnuts themselves are so delicious!

When I finally tasted them "nature" Lucas simply roasted them in the oven. Heaven! I don't know if it's the nutty flavour that's slightly sweet or if it's because they remind me of the breadnuts we get in the Caribbean (which apparantly can be used as a substitue for chestnuts) but I fell instantly in love.

Now we bake with chestnut flour, and lately Lucas has been doing pork and beef roasts with chestnuts and I can't seem to get enough of it. I'm hoping that later this year when they are in season again I will get to actually pick them myself and really roast them on that open fire.


Lilli said...

Bonjour :) It's not too late to join Rhonna's challenge. With the last challenge I started several days late and was able to catch up. Bonne chance !

Rhonna said...

Welcome to my blog...thanks for popping by...
as sweet Lilli said, not, it's never too late!

wendymorris said...

i've never tried chestnuts before but you make them seem really yummy!!!! :)

Lucas said...

crème de marron is not "nasty" !!!!! you simply don't like it :)

I do :)